AMCSE 2016

The 2016 International Conference Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Systems Engineering
Rome, Italy, November 5-7, 2016


Prof. Nikos Bardis, Hellenic Army Academy, Greece
Prof. Francesco Zirilli, Universita degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Prof. Joseph Quartieri, University of Salerno, Italy
Prof. Claudio Guarnaccia, University of Salerno, Italy
Prof. Vladimir Vasek, Tomas Batas University, Zlin, Chech Republic
Prof. Michael Katechakis, Rutgers University NJ, USA
Prof. Vyacheslav Kharchenko, National Aerospace University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Prof. Oleksandr Markovskyi P., National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Prof. Xenia Mountrouidou, Wofford College, USA
Prof. Nikos Doukas, Hellenic Militaty Academy, Athens, Greece
Prof. Lucio Boccardo, Universita degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Prof. Vincenzo Niola, University of Napoli, Napoli, Italy

Prof. Kamisetty Rao, IEEE Fellow, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, USA
Prof. Alberto Fiorenza, Universita' di Napoli "Federico II", Napoli (Naples), Italy
Prof. Patricia J. Y. Wong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Prof. Salvatore A. Marano, Universita degli Studi di Catania, Catania, Italy
Prof. Narsingh Deo, IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, University of Central Florida, USA
Prof. Aggelos Katsaggelos, IEEE Fellow, Northwestern University, USA
Prof. Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

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Matrix Theory, Tensor Analysis, Multilinear Algebra, Spaces over fields or rings, Tensor algebras or subalgebras, Nonnegative matrices, Inequalities in linear algebra, Combinatorial linear algebra, Matrix numerical linear analysis, Representation theory, Lie theory, Invariant theory, Functional analysis, Computational Linear Algebra, Markov Chains, Iterative methods, Error Estimation in Iterative Methods, Eigenvalue Problems, Componentwise and Structured Perturbations, Convex Optimization, Approximation of Large-scale Dynamical Systems, Large Scale Systems, Identification, Linear Algebra in Simulation and Mathematical Biology, Linear Algebra Information Retrieval and Management, Totally Nonnegative Matrices, Special Topics and Applications. Numerical Methods for Solving Equations, Polynomial Factorization, Numerical Methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods for Integral Equations, Numerical Methods for Integral-Differential Equations, Numerical Methods for Algebro-Differential Equations, Numerical Methods for Singular Equations, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Behaviour of Optimization Algorithms, The Art of Computer Programming of Numerical Methods, Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, Supercomputing, Finite Elements, 

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Registration Fees
Reduced Delegate Registration (Not Including Congress Banquet): 400,00 EUR
Full Delegate Registration (Including Congress Banquet): 480,00 EUR
Reduced Student Registration (Not Including Congress Banquet): 390,00 EUR
Full Student Registration (Including Congress Banquet): 440,00 EUR
Banquet Ticket: 80,00 EUR
Accompanying Persons Programme:(Includes Welcome Reception and Banquet): 100,00 EUR
Each author can present maximum 2 papers.

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Review Process

Each paper will be sent for peer review to 4 international experts. The names of the reviewers are hidden from the author.

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A complete list of the reviewers will appear later

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